Update Protection

Google periodically releases updates to Chrome OS. Occasionally, these updates can cause disruptions to existing functionality in the Kiosk application. We do work quickly to resolve issues though in some cases these updates can cause interruptions in functionality or result in modified app behavior.

Additionally, updates to the primary Kiosk application will also be upload periodically. We do our best to avoid breaking existing functionality but it is still possible for new bugs to be introduced or functionality changed for periods of time.

To avoid this issue we offer Update Protection for Kiosk Enterprise applications. This will lock the Chrome OS to a specific version, preventing issues with future updates. On devices which include a new version of Chrome OS pre-installed the app will continue to run. Essentially, it will only prevent updates AFTER the initial installation of the application.

To allow for testing of any application updates, a “dev” version of your Kiosk Enterprise application will be provided. This development version will include updates to the app and can be used for testing devices prior to publishing the update to production devices.

Preset Configuration

Enterprise customers may omit or specify default values for any existing Kiosk Enterprise settings. Additional functionality may also be added upon request.

Custom Branding

All Kiosk Enterprise applications may be custom branded. Logo, colors, and typefaces are modified to match your brand standards.

Enterprise customers have their own “branch” of the primary Kiosk application. This allows us to quickly respond to customer requests and make immediate, tailored adjustments to their application based on their specific business requirements

Expedited Support

Automatically pair any devices with the application installed to your account. No need to enter a pairing token on each device. This allows 0-touch deployment and configuration of large numbers of devices.

Automatic Pairing