1. Create a Kiosk Management Dashboard account.

Sign up here or use the yellow button on the top right. Your first 14 days are free, so you won’t be billed if it’s not a good fit.
Not using Kiosk Professional or Enterprise? Skip to step 2.

Once billing information has been entered and you have selected the number of monthly (or yearly) seats you would like to purchase your pairing token will become available. Make a note of the pairing token, you’ll need this during app installation to connect the device to your account.

2. Install the application on your devices

Windows x64 (v9.0.3)

53.8 MB. MD5 Checksum: 8088721ddea6e19b738de63a795e5199

Windows x86 (v9.0.3)

51.3 MB. MD5 Checksum: 641e90cc21d7610b79ca4aa588c93757

OSX x64 (v9.0.3)

88.0 MB. MD5 Checksum: f25c442f05def44c97e295d69c5c1d08

Linux x64 (v9.0.3)

78.1 MB. MD5 Checksum: 42b08cdeb4f0b77bf34667d8c1e0af91

Linux x86 (v9.0.3)

82.3 MB. MD5 Checksum: cbf10c445821d3fab6d06ea3cee41389

Once you’ve installed the application on your device, enter your pairing token into the setup screen or click “configure manually” to skip pairing with the Kiosk Device Management Console.

3. Configure

Modify the sample configuration or follow our configuration guide to select the best deployment method. Alternatively, use the “configure manually” link shown on initial installation to locally configure application options on each device.

You’re done!