• New feature: support for Kiosk Professional features and management console

  • New feature: native support for Windows, OSX, and Linux platforms

  • New feature: enable confirmation and prompt dialogs

  • New feature: optionally enable warning prior to screensaver

  • New feature: conditionally disable accessibility options

  • New feature: optionally allow file downloads

  • New feature (Enterprise & Professional): apply configuration file by device Asset ID

  • New feature (Enterprise & Professional): apply configuration by device UUID

  • Bug fix: Modal close event

  • Bug fix (introduced in 8.0.0): Failed to load setup page when configuring manually

  • Bug fix: clear cache on startup if inactivity reset is enabled


TL;DR: test the pre-release (it breaks things). Enterprise & EDU version discounted. Desktop apps and developer-mode kiosk reaching EOL.

1. Version 7.0.1 of the Kiosk app is available for testing. Pending any major blockers, this will be released into production on Monday, October 1. Please send bug reports to: support@cook.company.

Most people will currently be on version 5.18.0. Since then, there are a few new features, bug fixes, and importantly: breaking changes. The most significant is the removal of the remote administration functionality. This is being replaced by support for policy file upload (and device rebooting and management) through Chrome Management Console. Because of this, we are offering:

2. 50% discount on Enterprise for existing users If you haven’t already, check out the feature comparison. Licensing fee is discounted from $2,500 to $1,250 for unlimited devices for the next 30 days (educational use on sale at $750). If you’d like to get set up or learn more, reply to this email or give us a call at: +1 (608) 888-9434

Related: You may have noticed kiosk mode on developer-mode Chrome OS was temporarily broken. This issue has been resolved for the moment. Long term however, it appears Google will be discontinuing support for kiosk mode on developer devices. We are encouraging all customers with this use case to consider single-app kiosk licenses or to reach out to us with questions.

3. Desktop version to be released Q4 2018 It was previously announced Google will be discontinuing support for Windows/OSX/Linux Chrome apps. Full support has not yet been removed from the browser, but may be at any time. We have a desktop version of the Kiosk application currently in development and anticipate the first release within the next quarter.

4. New support options We are shutting down the existing discussion forum in favor of a proper issue ticketing system in order to work with you all. As always, your bug reports and feature requests are greatly appreciated and can be sent to support@cook.company, or by phone at: +1 (608) 888-9434.


  • Cache clearing updates

  • Sync Free and Enterprise versions

The following changes from Enterprise branch are now included in the Free version:

  • BREAKING CHANGE: Removed support for F3 key content refresh

  • BREAKING CHANGE: Removed optional CTRL+I shortcut for viewing system information

  • BREAKING CHANGE: Removed support for new windows in modals

  • BREAKING CHANGE: Removed support for remote admin

  • Bug fix: shortcut key commands now work with all content

  • Bug fix: new windows can now correctly open children

  • Bug fix: screensaver

  • Bug fix: console error

  • Bug fix: show multiple URL mode on edit

  • New feature: disable iframes

  • New feature: disable file upload fields

  • New feature: “disable” printing

  • New feature: open new windows in tabs

  • New feature: show battery status


Please report any issues to support@cook.company. This version includes a major UI update, bug fixes for keep-awake, cookie management, and improvement to memory management on refresh and restart. The ability to delay startup, and display system information has also been added.

Additionally, a new "Enterprise" version of the application is now available for commercial level customers. Our new website has a full feature comparison and additional documentation. Install the demo to try out the new functionality.