Kiosk Free includes all standard features. It must be manually configured on each device, so is best used for testing, development, or production use with small numbers of easily accessed devices.

The base Kiosk application is free of charge. You’re welcome to use it for commercial use.


Kiosk Professional is tailored for commercial, educational, or other use cases where centralized or more complex device management is required. It provides a cloud-based management console and other professional features tailored for device management at scale. Affordably priced:

$1 USD/device/month or $10/device/year.

White-label (Enterprise)

We lied, Kiosk Enterprise is not simply a flavor of the Kiosk application. It’s an entirely separate application based on Kiosk, for your business: enterprise features include white label branding, total control of roll-out and update sequencing, as well as the ability to affordably tailor functionality to your needs. Need a turn-key solution? Ask us about full hardware and software deployment packages.

Starting at $2,500 USD setup fee + $10/device/year or $1,250 + $10/device/year for educational institutions.